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Anshei Chesed Congregation Care Network

The name “Anshei Chesed” was chosen for our shul at its founding to reflect the ways in which members and friends looked out for one another in times of need. Thank God, our shul membership has multiplied many times since those early days, and in the spirit of our shul’s name, we are creating “The Anshei Chesed Congregation Care Network” to organize ourselves in a number of areas that will help us better reflect the name of our shul, to benefit our members and our community. This will begin with a kick off event planned for Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

To best communicate when special situations arise, so that those who can volunteer their time and resources are aware of needs in the neighborhood, we aim to partner volunteers with the chesed opportunities that life presents. Debbie Cohn has graciously volunteered to be the coordinator for the overall  network.  We  are  also  looking  for “team leaders” – 2 persons per group – to activate the volunteer list  for  the following categories, when needed.

*Meals - prepare meals for various occasions including (but not limited to), shiva meals, meals for people recovering from illness or sitting at the bedside of a critically ill member of the family.

*Transportation – arranging for or driving someone to a doctor’s appointment or a shul event (both evening and daytime events). On Shabbos/Yom Tov – bringing the homebound to shul in a wheelchair if they are alone or have no one available to “chauffeur.” Barbie Moskowitz and David Fischberger have volunteered to be the team leaders for this group.

*Errands – assisting people with errands such as food/ grocery shopping.
*Shiva House – putting everything in order for a Shiva house (covering mirrors, setting up chairs, transporting the Torah and siddurim). Shiva meals are in the purview of the meal team (see above). Stewart Schoenbrun and Zev Cohn have volunteered to be the team leaders for this group.

*Bikur Cholim – hospital visits or home visits for members of our community who are ill.

Each volunteer list will be comprised of people who have indicated to the team-leaders that they can be called upon to participate in a particular specialty. Our goal is that when an email goes out to a team, those who have volunteered to help will be able to fill the need as requested.

There will be a training session in the use of some computer applications that make organizing this effort easier as well as in other areas of the etiquette of volunteering.

Anyone who would like to join any team(s), outside of being a team leader will be welcome to sign up at our “Night of Inspiration” on November 22nd, which will be the official kick off for the Anshei Chesed Care Network (save the date! Details to follow)

We look forward to this structured organization’s success in being a clearing house of chesed in the community, and we look forward to the participation of all who  can volunteer their time and efforts. As we continue to grow, this will be a wonderful way for our newer members and longer-time members to get to know one another as well. This will only add to our pride in being Anshei Chesed.

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Thu, October 19 2017 29 Tishrei 5778