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High Holiday Seating Reservations

As a member of Anshei, you are not required to complete this form, unless you are requesting additional seats!

Please note that Chai, Bonim and Family members have 2 free seats included with their membership.
Single members have 1 free seat included with their membership.
Associate members will be charged for each seat requested.

Purchased seats for Rosh Hashana are $75 each.
Purchased seats for Yom KippurĀ are $50 each.
There is a $75 charge for each Rosh Hashana seat and a $50 charge for each Yom KippurĀ seat requested by a non-member of Anshei Chesed.

Payment is requested prior to Rosh Hashana.

Payment information can be found by contacting our treasurer at or
by clicking the "Make a Donation or Online Payment" link on our homepage,

Please enter your seating request information for those who will be attending below.

If you will be requesting more than 4 seats, please complete an additional form for any seats beyond 4.

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Request #4

The total cost for your seats is: $

Thu, September 29 2022 4 Tishrei 5783