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History of Anshei Chesed

Anshei Chesed Congregation was established in 2005 by a group of families looking to create a strong modern orthodox Ashkenazic synagogue in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Anshei Chesed held its first minyan on November 4, 2005 in the home of one of its founding families.  After rotating from house to house for 10 months, in September 2006, a house was purchased to be utilized as a “temporary” permanent address for the shul.  The shul’s current property was purchased in the interim and with the support of many persons and from so many sources, Anshei Chesed opened the doors to its new, state-of-the-art facility in April 2012, shortly after Pesach.

Since moving to our new location, which is on the main street of the Orthodox community, our membership has increased over 300%, going from 70 families to well over 300 in a relatively short time.  Inquiries continue to come about this young shul which is making its mark in Boynton Beach and in the local Jewish community.

We are an inclusive, Orthodox congregation that is warm and welcoming.  Many of our members are retirees or semi-retirees taking advantage of the warm climate and dynamic Palm Beach County Jewish life.  We have an active group of young families with children and Shabbos programming that aim to appeal to different age groups. 

We pride ourselves on our reputation as a shul with unrivaled decorum and our respect for our goals in daily and Shabbat services.  Shabbat davening is usually followed by a sumptuous Kiddush prepared by our wonderful volunteer Kiddush staff.

Rabbi Akiva Block was Anshei Chesed’s first Rabbi, coming once a month as part of Yeshiva University’s Rabbinic Intern Program.  Since 2009, Rabbi Avi Billet has served as our Rabbi.  In addition to serving the membership pastorally and through sermons and classes, Rabbi Billet uses his drama background to entertain our children through ParshaDrama – a dramatization of the weekly Torah portion.  He is also a certified Mohel, who has been practicing since 1998.  Many of his divrei Torah can be read on his blog: and he blogs about Bris Milah at:           

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