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Shul Opportunities

ANSHEI CHESED OCCASION CARDS: The shul has an array of occasion cards (mazal tov, sympathy/condolence, get-well, general occasion/thank you) that can be sent on your behalf to other members, family, or friends, or can be purchased. The cost for a single card to be mailed on your behalf is $5. For purchase, the cards are 3 for $10, or 6 for $18. For more information, please contact Leah Francés at (561) 735-0402, or
ANSHEI CHESED PUSHKAS: They are available on the table in the lobby. Thanks to Phyllis and Ted Struhl for sponsoring this project.
ANSHEI CHESED YAHRZEIT MEMORIAL BOARD: If you would like more information on how you can memorialize a late family member or friend with a plaque on our beautiful memorial board, please contact Allan Topolsky at
CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: Contact David Fischberger at for opportunities in the shul's ongoing Capital Campaign.
DEDICATION OF CHUMASHIM, ROSH HASHANA MACHZORIM AND YOM KIPPUR MACHZORIM: Please remember that we have opportunities available for purchase of Siddurim or Machzorim. This is a wonderful chance to help our shul by dedicating a Machzor or Chumash in memory of a loved one or simply in honor of a special person or event. This important project is being coordinated by Tirza Dalkoff. Please click here or email Tirza Dalkoff at The cost of each Machzor is $36 and the cost of each Chumash is $75. Checks should be made payable to Anshei Chesed Congregation.
EDUCATIONAL SPONSORSHIPS: Sponsor a class or series in our annual Anshei Chesed Congregation Spitz and Cymbalista Family Memorial Educational Program or Film Series.  The sponsorship is $250 per series or $100 per class or film.  Contact David Fischberger at for sponsorship opportunities.
GIFT CARDS: Contact Izzy Gabel at regarding Gift Cards in denominations of $100 or $50 for The Grove, Glicks, Century Grill, The Boy's Farmer's Market and Butcher Block.
KIDDUSH SPONSORSHIPS: The 2019-2020 / 5780 kiddush sponsorship list can be found by clicking here.  Please note that if you see a name or names by any kiddush slot, it is the Shul's policy that a co-sponsorship is always available.  Please contact Leah Francés at to arrange for a Shul kiddush sponsorship for your special occasion or click here to reserve a kiddush sponsorship online.
TREE OF LIFE: Our thanks to the many people who are continuing to purchase a leaf on the Tree of Life adorning our lobby. If you would like to purchase a leaf, please contact Herman Lurie at for details. This is a wonderful way to help our shul and commemorate a special event for your family.
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