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Minyan Registration Request Form (10/18/20 - 10/24/20)

Week of Sunday, October 18 - Shabbos, October 24

All minyanim are scheduled to be held inside the Shul.

Men and Women are welcome at all minyanim.

Please complete a separate form for each person wishing to attend.

Anshei Chesed members will receive priority confirmation of their requests.
Other confirmed requests will be subject to availability.

Please note that if you are going to request seating for Friday evening, Shabbos morning or Shabbos afternoon, confirmation for those minyanim will not be sent out until AFTER 6:00 PM Thursday, subject to availability!

I wish to attend Shacharis and/or Mincha/Maariv services at Anshei Chesed on the following days. I understand that I may only attend services if I receive a confirmed reservation. I will bring a copy of my confirmed reservation to the Shul as proof of my reservation.

Due to social distancing requirements, we are only accepting 25 reservations in the men's section and 6 reservations in the women's section for each minyan, as that is the number of seats we have available.

I further understand that if I receive a confirmed reservation, I am committed to attend since I may be taking a seat that someone else may want.

Reservation confirmations will be based on the time of the reservation request 
but a Chiyuv will be accommodated. 

REMINDER: If you have traveled outside the State of Florida, admittance to all minyanim requires a 14 day quarantine!!


Please check minyanim you wish to attend
Week of October 18 - October 24


          Please review that this is the correct number of minyanim requested ---->

I certify that: (Please check each statement below.)

If applicable, I certify that: (Please check each applicable statement below.)

After you submit your reservation, you will receive a confirmation of your request via email.
A separate reservation confirmation will be sent to you.
Thu, October 22 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781