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Minyan Registration Request Form (6/28/20 - 7/4/20)

Week of Sunday, June 28 - Shabbos, July 4

All minyanim are scheduled to be held inside the Shul.

Men and Women are welcome at all

Please complete a separate form for each person wishing to attend.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to accommodate Anshei Chesed members!


I wish to attend Shacharis and/or Mincha/Maariv services at Anshei Chesed on the following days. I understand that I may only attend services if I receive a confirmed reservation. I will bring a copy of my confirmed reservation to the Shul as proof of my reservation.

Due to social distancing requirements, we are only accepting 25 reservations in the men's section and 6 reservations in the women's section for each minyan, as that is the number of seats we have available.

I further understand that if I receive a confirmed reservation, I am committed to attend since I may be taking a seat that someone else may want.

Reservation confirmations will be based on the time of the reservation request 
but a Chiyuv will be accommodated. 

Note that there will be NO MAARIV minyan on Shabbos evening, July 4th.

Please check minyanim you wish to attend
Week of June 28 - July 4

8:00 AM
6:40 PM
7:30 AM
6:40 PM
7:30 AM
6:40 PM
7:30 AM
6:40 PM
7:30 AM
6:40 PM
7:30 AM
6:40 PM
9:00 AM
6:30 PM  (No Maariv)

I certify that: (Please check each statement below.)

If applicable, I certify that: (Please check each applicable statement below.)

After you submit your reservation, you will receive a confirmation of your request via email.
A separate reservation confirmation will be sent to you.
Sun, July 5 2020 13 Tammuz 5780